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Vic Elford was, and probably still is, a very versitile driver. Rally, road, endurance, anything with four wheels. But for many fans of American racing he is the driver of the Chaparral 2J. Vic Elford's own web site is here. Here he is being interviewed by Stirling Moss, the greatest driver to race Formula 1 and never win the championaship. The Chaparral 2J. The protrusions at the rear of the car are fans that forced air out from under the car. Giving the car incredible down-force. This enabled it to drive through the turns much faster than any car then and probably now. The sliding Lexan skirts were said to have violated the "moveable aerodynamic device" ban (same rule that ended the use of wings.) Jim Hall, owner of the Chaparral team, quit racing because of this.