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Dan Gurney driving his Plymouth Barracuda in the Trans-Am. 1970

Dan Gurney: The Ultimate Racer

by Karl Ludvigsen, Jack Brabham

Dan Gurney

the Photos

When these photos were taken Dan Gurney had only one more professional race at Riverside, CA before he retired as a professional race driver. Dan had only one win in the Trans-Am series, in 1967 at Green Valley, TX.

In the Can-Am series he had three wins. One in 1966 and two others in 1970. The 1970 wins came when he was driving for McLaren Cars. He also qualified on the pole 5 times in 24 Can-Am starts.

Denis Holme hired Dan to replace Burce McLaren who was killed while testing the 1970 Can-Am car. But Dan couldn't complete the season with McLaren Cars because of a sponsorship conflict between Gulf Oil, McLaren Cars, and Castrol, Dan Gurney. Dan had a very good chance of winning the Can-Am Challenge in 1970 if he had been able to continue racing for McLaren Cars. We'll never know.

Dan's All American Racers also built cars for the Can-Am series. They were modified McLaren Cars, called McLeagles. Shown here is Dan driving one of his McLeagles in 1969.

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