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For this photograph the image size is 10" x 6 3/4".
Ordering Photographs

You can now order photgraphs from this site. Only color images can be ordered. All photographs will be printed on 8"X10" color paper. Image size will vary but all will be 10" wide. The photograph on the left is an example of a print.

The price is $50.00 (U.S. currency) per print. This includes shipping and handling. Residents of California must also include an additional 7.75% sales tax.

Use this order form to buy prints. You can e-mail the order but prints will not be sent until money is received.

You can identify which photograph you wish to order by doing a 'Save Picture As' from the browser. Right click on the picture and select 'Save Picture As ...' This will enable you to get the file name for the picture. The name of the image file is used to identify all photographs. Additional information, such as car type and driver, should be included. The print on the left is the first image on this page. And the file name for the image is: laguna-seca-c-32.