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  I was surfing and stumbled on this site..ahhhhh the memories. I'm now 43, but it took me back to the early 70's when the young couple living next door were big fans of Can-Am and specifically Bruce Mclaren. I only attended one race at Mid-Ohio with them, but I'll never forget it. We had a spot up on hill where the cars emerged from under some bridge near the Start/Finish line. We could only hear the cars thundering towards the area...but I believe it was Denny Hulme, came out from under the bridge in a full sideways slide with the entire field trying to dodge him!! I think both Jody Schecktor and Jackie Stewart were in that all-star race. Anyway, thanks for the flashback!


  Thank you for the opportunity to re-enjoy the excitement of the only real racing series in North America.

Having been there, if only in a very minor capacity with the AutoWorld team, I will forever contend that there is nothing like the aural reverberation/impact of the start of a Can Am race, especially when they took place among the woods of Watkins Glen. Not even the massive thunderstorm occurring at this moment can match the earth shaking rumble of McLarens, Lolas, McKees, Howmets (whizzing, anyway), Shkees (not many recall that one), Shadows, Ti22's and other home made Group 7 monsters.

As I approach 60, I am beginning to understand the phrase "the good ole' days."


  My very first race in my life was the 1972 Can-Am Race at Laguna Seca. I was 8 years old. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

We got there early around 8:00. The traffic was horrendous. Like I have never seen it since.

My brother and I are standing between what was turn 7 and 8 during morning practice. Mark Donohue [my childhood idol] took the beautiful blue Sonoco Porsche out for a few laps. He actually blows the engine during practice. The announcer is saying that they are going to install a back-up engine, but there is too little time to do that.

Needless to say, Donohue wins wire to wire.

I have every race program from the Can Am races at Laguna Seca. I do look at them once in a while...


Editor: I think he means the 73 race. George Follmer won in 72.


I just checked out your website. Pretty cool! It was amazing the access they would give to photographers back then. Now you have to know someone or work in the major media or you are back behind a catch fence.

Those are cool photos that show the fans watching the races. It brings back a lot of memories of standing by the fences at Riverside. And the sound ain't nothing like it in the world. I saw Jim Adams in a Can-Am car at Sears Point last year and the sound made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Got a little misty eyed too thinking about Riverside.

I'll forward your link to my brother. He is a major Can-Am fan.

Gotta go. Good luck with your website.