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Why all the spark plugs? These Porsche 917/10K were powered by a twin-turbocharged, 5-liter flat-12 engine. 1972
Porsche 917: The Winning Formula

Porsche 917 : The Winning Formula

by Peter Morgan

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Penske Racing

Porsche cars had been racing in Can-Am from the beginning. Mainly driven by Jo Siffert driving Porsche factory cars and Milt Minter driving for Vasek Polak. But it wasn't until Porsche asked Penske Racing to race their cars that they experienced big-time success. This was 1972. They won in 1972 with George Follmer taking the championship and in 1973 with Mark Donohue taking the championship. Then they quit. For the 1974 series fuel consumption minimums were put into effect (minimum of 3 miles-per-gallon) and Porsche and many other factory teams didn't want to make the effort to meet these fuel requirements.

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  • VPRacing.com: I know they sell posters and they have a great tribut to Vasek Polak and they are Porsche guys to the core. Just explore.
  • A short bio about George Follmer can be found here.