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The view of of the straight between turns 7 and 8. From this position you could get a panaramic view of most of the course. Only the back side was out of view and by walking about 100' up the hill the cork-screw was in view and then walking another 100' you could view the back side of the course. Up the tree between 6a and 7. Like I said "Short climb up the hill and you get the cork-screw." Straight ahead is the entrance to the cork-screw. To the left, out of view is turn 7 and behing us is the straight between turn 7 and 8. Climb up the hill to the right and get everything from the 7th turn to the 4th turn. The cork-screw at 6a. Yes they aren't Can-Am cars. They are Formula V's. Always fun to watch. From where the spectators are standing in the previous photo you can get some great stuff. This view may no longer be available. Safety reasons. Diving into the cork-screw at 6. This view is only another 100' away from where the previous photo was taken. Good views everywhere at Laguna Seca. 1969 The decent from 6a to 7. The car is #88 with John Dykes driving a Lola. 1969 In 1969 you could get very close to the race track. Maybe to close. Consider what seperates the photographer from two speeding Cam-Am cars in ths photo. Not much. Shown here is Denis Hulme in his #5 McLaren and #88, a Lola T163 driven by Ron Dykes. The photographer rarely went to the outside of the course but there are many good locations that are above the track and the spectators look directly down on the cars. Notice the spectators in this photo. Great stuff. Next