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Philip Jones Griffiths(1)

Color fights you the whole time. Not in the studio, not if you're shooting a movie, a fiction film. Then of course there's no problem. But when you're doing reality and you're doing dying, starving people, with all these red and blue buckets from the U.N. in the picture, it looks like Coney Island. Color destroys so much.


Tom Reese — Seattle Times(2)

An act of good photojournalism obliges us to filter out preconceptions — of our own, of editors and reporters, of viewers. It requires that we achieve a state of openness that lets us see what is really there, of heightened sensitivity that helps us discover the meaning, of alertness that helps us anticipate the best moment to make a photograph that will accomplish something close to this ideal.


James Nachtwey(3)

“I hope publishers and editors pay attention to this. I think that there is power in the still image that doesn’t exist in other forms. I think that there’s even is a necessity for it because that many people wouldn’t be looking at still pictures unless they needed to. Six hundred thousand people looking at my website is small compared to a television audience, but I think that number is significant. This is sort of a test case of mass appeal.”


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