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I've put this series up because of an article I saw at photos.msn.com whose subject was Photo Ops in the Most Unusual Places. One example was the alley. Been there, done that. And will do it again and again. The learning never stops. These photos were taken in January 1967 when I was home on leave form the Marine Corps. My dad had sold me his old Nikon F and I was still trying to learn the camera as well as learning to become a better photographer. One of the lessons I learned was to go out and photograph, photograph, photograph. Another early lesson was that you first must known how to use the normal lens before using wide-angles and telephotos. I rarely use anything but the normal lens today. So this series was one of my early attemps to create a photo-essay out of nothing. note: The Veteran's Day Parade series was probably one of the first stories I did with the Nikon F. John S. Krill

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