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1939 New York World's Fair 1939 New York World's Fair 1939 New York World's Fair
Mr. Sarabia, left, landed in New York on May 24, 1939 after a non-stop flight from Mexico City. He is shown here at the "New York World's Fair 1939" with Grover Whalen. On June 7, 1939 Sarabia was killed when his plane crashed at Washington D.C. on an attempted flight to Mexico. Picture taken May 27, 1939. Grover Whalen, President of the "New York World's Fair 1939" May 27, 1939. Whalen was constantly promoting the fair. He would do just about anything to get the fair publishized. It wasn't enough and he was replaced prior to the 1940 edition of the fair. Didn't help. It still lost money.
The Trylon and Perisphere were designed by the architectural firm of Harrison & Foulihoux and reflected the emphasis on purity embodied by industrial designers of the day. Ostensibly perfect forms, they were the only structures in the fair permitted to be painted pure white. The two structures are connected by a giant ramp called the Helicline shown above. Next | Previous