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1939 New York World's Fair

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Earth Station 9: Wonderful site. FACTS and links galore! Two pages of FACTS and links for the '39 Fair.

This is a reference site for the fair put together by someone who visited the site as a kid. Lots of links.

UC Davis History Project has a page full of fair pictures. The thumbnails load quickly and you can view larger images.

Here's another collection of fair photographs. "NITE SITES" - 1939 New York World's Fair Images.


New York World's Fair 1939

photographs by Charles Krill

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The photographs that follow were taken by my dad, Charles Krill. All the photographs were printed in 1939 and it was only much later (1960 or 61) that he had them inserted into a photo-album. This was my introduction to photography. They had a great impression on this young teenager. The only reason they still exist is because I made sure they were kept safe.

They're all 8x10 prints. The camera used for all the photographs was a Rolliflex twin-lens reflex.

Chuck grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and discovered photography as a teenager in the late 1920s. He had his own darkroom in the basement of his parent's home on Maple St. In 1957 when we visited grandma the basement darkroom was still there. I confiscated a great many darkroom items that I used for many years.

After 3 years at Kalamazoo College he transferred to Columbia College in New York. Chuck's older brother was working in New York and Chuck lived with him until he graduated. I still have negatives of photos Chuck took of New York city.

The World's Fair photos were taken on at least two separate days, May 1, 1939 (The second day of the fair. It opened April 30, 1939.) and May 27, 1939. The last photo was taken in September 1940. The computer imaged was scanned from a 4x5 inch print that this photographer found in a box of old photos.

Enjoy - John Krill

note: Except for the first two photographs the captions were gathered from web sites listed on this page. We're still missing information on several of the photographs and others could use additional information. If you have and information to add we would like to hear from you.

Another source of information would be the May 22, 1939 issue of Life magazine which featured the fair. Haven't seen it myself but I'm looking for a copy.

January 30, 2004: Corrections and added details were provided by David J. Cope.
February 10, 2005: The last photo added. This one was taken September 1940.

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