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Olympic National Park


In 1972, after purchasing a new VW, this photographer took a trip up the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington.

Our last destination before heading back to California was Olympic National Park. The first day was spent in the Hoa rain forest and the second day walking the trails of the main area of the park.

We can't remember the exact locations for all the photos. It was to long ago. Just to say that the first two pages were taken somewhere in the north end of the park. And the last two pages were taken somewhere along the road through the Hoa rain forest.

We never planned to show these photos but after we posted the story on Fall Foliage we went looking through the negatives for some fall foliage photos. Once we found the photos we decided to post a larger group of photos taken at the park.

We only spent 2 days in the park because we were on a tight schedule. We needed to be at Laguna Seca by Friday. The Can-Am races were that weekend. We had started the trip the previous Saturday.

Even though it was a quick trip the drive was great and it gave us a good idea of were to go whenever we decided to make a longer trip up the coast.