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Forget the Intro - Give me the pictures!

Books about river rafting the Green and Colorado Rivers

Outfitters on the Green River:

Chapoose Canyon Adventures
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World Wide River Expeditions
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Western River Expeditions
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Sheri Griffith Expeditions
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With transport for your equipment and a permit from the Bureau of Land Management's Desolation Canyon river unit, (435) 636-3460 or (435) 636-3622, www.blm.gov/utah/price, you can take your own raft down the Green, or you can use an outfitter.

For more information, consult the annual "Utah Rivers and Outdoor Adventures" pamphlet from InterWest Publications, 775 Dahlia St., Denver, CO 80220; (303) 333-5781, www.utahguidesandoutfitter.com


River of Sandstone

Forget the Intro - Give me the pictures!

In 1981 I spent 2 weeks rowing down the Green and Colorado rivers. It was suppose to be a week but after rowing from Desolation Canyon to Green River, Utah I was able to convince Grand Canyon Dories to let me join the row from Green River, Utah through Cataract Canyon to Powel Reservoir.

What follows is not a day-by-day account of the trip but groups of photographs that give some idea of the row.

This was a slow and gentle row through some of the most majestic scenery anywhere in the world.

Our group put in above Desolation Canyon and put out at the northern end of the Powell Reservoir. In between rows we spent a day in Green River, Utah.

It was also a rare trip on the Green for Grand Canyon Dories. This is not their usual turf. They can be seen on the Colorado through the Grand Canyon and in Idaho State on the Snake and Salmon Rivers.

Lack of description on the location of each photograph is because I lost my notes several years ago in a move. Because of this the last four pages of this story have no descriptions. Just enjoy.

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John S. Krill