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the Beginning

My first introduction to the Marine Corps came in the summer of '60. I was 16 that summer. Got my driver's license. And we were living at Paradise Cove, Malibu, Ca. [ more ]

Boot Camp: One Marine's Experience

On May 22, 1965 I signed a work contract that stipulated that I work 7days/24hours for 4 years. The official start day was June 7, 1965. [ more ]

Getting There

I worked in 3 different photo-labs at two different Marine bases before getting to Vietnam. [ more ]

How It Worked

Working at FLC

It took 3 1/2 years but I finally made it. Was it worth it? Yes. Being assigned to FLC probably gave me the most freedom to photograph but the tradeoff was being isolated from what was happening outside of Da Nang. [ more ]

Other Thoughts

Common Thread

The photograph was taken by SSgt Deyerle in 1965 while he was working as a marine photographer in Da Nang, Vietnam. The helicopter is YS4. [ more ]

Steve Addington

Steve Addington, the Marine who made sure I got some great photos while in Vietnam, died in January 2004. He will be greatly missed. [ more ]

Cherry Point Windsock / ISO

The life and times of the Windsock/Information Services Office, 1965 -1967. This photographer worked at this place from Oct. '65 to Fall of '67. It was, without a doubt, the wackiest place I ever worked at. [ more ]

VFMA-531 At Yuma

I flew to Yuma on a C-130 that only had a couple of passengers and one large crate. I found out later that the crate included a canopy for the F4 I would be flying in. The previous one had released and flown off. Never to be seen again. [ more ]

VFM-332 At Bogue Field

At Bogue Field they installed a portable runway with an aircraft catapult just like the ones on aircraft carriers. This reduced the length of field with the idea that they could put one of these runways just about anywhere. But here they used a jet engine, the same engine used in the Phantom F4, instead of steam powered turbines used on carriers. [ more ]

USMC Vietnam War Photographers

USMC Vietnam War Photographers

June 23, 2005: How many Marine Corps photographers served in Vietnam? Who were they? Can we see some of their work? Those are some of the questions we are going to try to answer. It's a big project and might never be completed but we are determined to do it. [ more ]