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On the right is the pilot with his hand on the wing fuel pod, 5th head form the right, talking with one of the ISO reporters, 4th head from the right. What the story was about is long forgotten. Nice shot though.

The Way It Was - Sorta'

From the time I left ISO/Windsock I felt there was a story in my experiences at that place. Problem was I just didn't have the skill to do it. Still don't. So instead I put what I could remember here. It's not a long story, just a collection of interesting, some funny, stories. We had some good writers go through the ISO while I was there. I have never understood why one of them hasn't written about that office during that time.

In the 60s it was called the Information Services Office. Today it's called Public Affiars Office. Their spokepersons are called Public Affairs Officers. That change alone gives you an idea of the attention the Marine Corps gives to this office.

In the 60s the ISO was, in some respects, a dumping ground for incompetant and useless officers and staff NCOs. They gave little or no consideration of the abilities of those who ran this office. When this photographer was in Vietnam the OIC for the ISO at FLC was a young, younger then me, captain who majored in English at Oregan State. English major as the public relations specialist?

At Cherry Point the OIC for most of my tour there was a former high school teacher now a major in the Marines. The AOIC, a captain, was an ex-LAAM officer. What did a high school teacher and a LAAM officer know about public relations? From what I saw - nothing.

These two were so bad that they aquired the names Tweedledee (the major) and Tweedledumb (the captain.) The major was afraid of his own shadow and couldn't make a decision on his own. The captain, on the other hand, was one of the stupidist people I ever worked for.

Add to these two losers was the NCOIC. For most of my tour at the Cherry Point ISO the NCOIC was a gunny that was one of the most mean spirited, spitefull, do nothings I have ever encountered. To say moral at ISO was low was an understatement.

Other Marine personal who made decisions and were responsible for what went out to the public weren't much better. We had a young 2nd Lt who requested transferr to the ISO and had no experience. Several Warrent Officers came through the office. Now most of them did know what they were doing but were given little to do. Some of them retired, others transferred out. I remember 2 Staff Sergeants that were there just waiting to retire. They did nothing or worse they didn't care.