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John William Gregory, aka Bill Gregory. Just a lonely reporter.

Bill arrived at Cherry Point 3 weeks before this photographer and was the only constant at the office. And calling Bill constant is stretching it a bit. But Bill had one thing going for him - a passion for reporting and the newspaper business. His dream was to be the sports editor for the local Annapolis, Maryland newspaper. I think he worked there prior to joining the Marines.

Bill is the best example of the ISO office. A very compentant and enthusiastic reporter who was lead by the most incompentant bunch of officiers and staff NCO's in the Corps.

Bill grew up somewhere in New England but his dad lived in the Baltimore area and Bill was constantly going up to Baltimore on a 72-hour pass.

Problem was you were only allowed one 72-hour pass every 3 months. Bill was requesting a 72-hour at least twice a month.

He didn't always get it and then had to make express runs up to Baltimore.

So every time Bill put in for a 72-hour pass he never knew if it would be granted.

One particular time he really needed that 72-pass because he had to travel to New England for his sister's college graduation.

So Bill goes to the AOIC and asks for the 72-hour pass. This is before Tweedledee and Tweedledumb were in-charge. The 2nd Lieutenant, that was then our AOIC, thought over his request and then asked what school his sister was graduating from? He figured if Bill was bullshiting him he wouldn't be able to come up with a quick answer.

But Bill knew the school and told the Lieutenant. I don't remember the name but it was a Catholic College.

The Lieutenant shot back, "What's she going to be, a Nun?"

Bill answered, "Yes sir."

The Lieutenant had a good laugh and then said, "Bill, that is the best excuse you have ever given me for one of these 72-passes. The pass is yours!"

So Bill went off to his sisters graduation and brought back pictures to prove to everyone that is sister was becoming a Nun.

True story. Ask Bill. [Next]