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The captain or as he was called by us troops Tweedledumb. He was our AOIC.

This was one of those rare occusions when the door to the front office was open. We called it the green door. The gunny also had his desk in there.

The captain was stupid. This story should explain.

During the previous winter it had snowed at the base. I took a photograph of the headquarters building covered in snow. It was published in the Windsock and I soon started getting requests for the photo. I made several 11x14 inch prints and kept them handy and handed them out to those who wanted one. Wasn't legal but did it anyway.

A warrent offier (WO) in our office asked for one. He was one of the good guys and so I decided to have a little fun with him. I told him that I was very busy and would get a print made when I could but that it would take a while. He agreed and told me to take my time.

I walked out the office and when I was out of his site I ran as fast as I could to the photo-lab, grabed a print, and ran back to the office.

After getting my wind back I claimly walked back in and handed the print to the WO and asked him to forgive me for taking so long. The WO had a good laugh and thanked me for the picture.

Tweedledumb was standing there and he commented that the negative for the print must be from a large format camera. I told him no, I was using a 35mm camera. He didn't believe me. The WO tried to assure him that this was the case but he still didn't believe.

I then went back to the photo-lab and returned with the contact sheet of 35mm negatives with the questioned picture included. He still didn't believe and acused the WO and myself of trying to play a trick on him.

I gave up. The captain was just plain stupid. [Next]