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Some of the reporters at the Windsock/ISO office. At one time we had a dozen reporters and one photographer.

That second reporter, name forgotten but let's call him Jerry, in this photo had an interesting career in the Marines. Prior to his posting at Cherry Point he had been in Japan and fell in love with all things Japan. I think he may have had a Japanese wife at one time. He also had been a corporal or sergeant. At Cherry Point he was a PFC. Something happened. He wouldn't say what but he was always good for a joke on the officers.

The photo behind the front reporter, a picture of a KC-130 refueling two A4 Skyhawks, was the central figure in one of my most pleasant memories. It involved myself, Jerry, the OIC, AOIC, NCOIC, the green door. Here's the story.

From time to time the three behind the green door would get a hair up their collective asses and insist I help with the weekly, Thursday, field day of the office. Even though I was the one that cleaned the ISO photo-lab. On one occusion after we cleaned the office I went and flipped the picture upside down. I though it would be returned right-side-up before the next morning. It wasn't.

I wasn't there when then next events took place but this is the story related to me from those in the office.

First to notice the picture upside-down was our OIC. We called him Tweedledee. Think Tim Conway in a Marine major's uniform. After he noticed the picture upside-down he went into the front office and closed the green door.

Jerry, quick thinking reporter that he is, flipped the picture right-side-up. The next moment the gunny peeks out from behind the green door and then closes the door. We think the gunny is telling Tweedledee that there is nothing wrong with the picture.

As soon as the green door closes Jerry again flips the picture upside-down. Next, and we are not makeing this stuff up, Tweedledumb peeks out from behind the green door. As soon as he closes the green door Jerry again puts the picture right-side-up.

Now the gunny comes out into the office area and just stares at the picture. He then goes back into the front office and closes the green door.

A few moments later all three come out of the front office and the Gunny explains in frustration "See, the fuckin' picture is just fine!"

I swear this story is true. Ask anyone who was there. Ask Jerry. [Next]