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Another reporter. We had so many and they were constantly being rotated through Cherry Point that I could never keep track of them.

How can I tell he is a reporter? The note pad! Only a reporter would carry a silly note pad and pen.

On most of the jobs I went on the reporter's only responsibility was to get the information for the caption.

I never had to worry about the details. Just get the picture!

Because of all the equipment I carried whenever it was a photo shoot we used the ISO car. But on one occusion the car was being used and I was told to walk over to the job and the reporter would meet me there with the car.

So I started walking. I knew I was going to be late.

About halfway to the job, a Change-of-Command ceremony, the Wing Commander, Gen. Anderson, drove by. The car stopped. The general's aid got out and said for me to get in the car.

I ran to the General's car and got in front with the driver. Once we were on the way I turned and thanked the General for giving me a lift.

He said, "Might as well. We can't start the Change-of-Command ceremony without you."

We all got a good laugh at that. Because it was true. [Next]