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Shooting Up

Again I'm in the ISO office waiting for the crew. It was lunch time. One of us was trying to open one of the windows. The gunny sees this and yells, "Keep the fuckin' window closed. If we wanted it opened we would tell you to open it!"


Gunny returns to the front office and closes the green door.

Me, being a smart ass, got down on my knees and bows a couple of times to the green door then shoots it the finger.

One of the crew, Julie, tells me to watch out. I didn't notice it but the green door had not closed properly and was slightly open.

We all quickly head out of the office and go to lunch.

On returning to the office after lunch the Captian, Tweedledumb, is waiting for me. We all think this is it. They saw me shoot the finger while on my knees. I figured it was all over. But it wasn't.

Tweedledumb is holding a picture. He shows it to me. It's a group picture and it looked like the photographer got down on his knees and shot up at the group.

Tweedledumb asks me, "Did you take this picture?"

"No sir."

"O.K. but I'm telling you and everyone else I don't want any picture shot from the knees looking up."

I replied, "No sir, I would never get down on my knees and shoot up!"

All around Tweedledumb and me are Marines trying to hold back the laugh they have in them. Tweedledumb, being stupid, dosen't notice a thing. Just turns and goes back to the front office and closes the green door. It shuts completly this time.

Marines scatter. Laughing is heard throughout the office. No one from behind the green door comes out to investigate.

True story. Just ask Julie. [Next]