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My son was surfing the web yesterday and stumbled across your web site. He told me and I have been viewing your memories. You're a good writer and your stories are very easy to read and enjoy. Not because I am involved in them, they just are.

GSgt Dave Deyerle


Hi John, Wow, it brought back some old memories looking thru your site.  I remember you guys, it's hard to place a name and a face, but your building the photo lab was about 15 feet closer to the lake and the shitters than my office was. G-5 was the end office of the General Feeley & Olson's Headquarters.

You guys had a lot of photos of those puppies, born in Nam, and I have some of the photo's you guys took, the one's with the pup's in a guys utilitiy pants pockets.. etc. 

I worked for Major J.D. Crawford, he was Assistant Chief of Staff G-5, Civilian Affairs and Industrial Relations, we had the office also at the main gate, with Captain Branson manning the hiring of the Vietnamese Civilians. Remember watching the man walk on the moon in that office, I was there, watch'n it on the tiny tv screen. I was admin chief for G-5, and I have stories to share myself. 

Drop me a line and let me know more about where you live etc. I'm interested in catching up with some old friends from way back then. Most of us are getting mighty old. 

I was there the night Captain Abene died,  the rocket that hit in front of my office killed him, but missed me, cause he sent me down to the hootch area to get my family's pictures and he was sitting in my office at my desk when that 122 took him out. What a nightmare, I was suppose to be there, not him. It's all a long story, but I would love to connect with some of you guys someday. 

I only found one guy I know besides my boss, Maj Crawford, who lives in Jacksonville, FL, it was a pvt that played volleyball his first day in country, he was a Buck PVT, named Chuck Bennet, he got in an argument on the volleyball court with a fat bald guy who he didn't know was General Olson, Iaughed my ass off...... Chuck since then worked for the San Francisco PD, and I think he recently retired as a Captain, out in California. Wow huh? Please write me back, I have lots to talk about. Thanks 

Denny, DEEPS, DiPentino, USMC, FLC 68-69 Semper Fi  :)


What year were you with FLC? I like your website. The pic's were real good.

I am trying to find some info about my time there. On the morning of Jan 3, 67, I was shotgun on a fuel truck. We (the driver, a Sgt. who carried a m-60 thank god, and me) were going to the MACV/ARVIN compound (would you remember where this was?)

We got ambushed by a reinforced point squad of VC.  We were about 5 clicks before the MACV compound and about a 2 clicks before a marine combat unit compound (any idea what unit this was?) We managed to get out of the truck before they hit it with a RPG and we got them on the run in a running gun battel. We chased them down for about a click and killed most of them and chased the rest back to there main unit.

We were called off (and just in time because we used about all the ammo we had) by a Lt. on patrol and he got the rest with arty airburst. Any info you might have would be greatly APPERACTED.  S/F Cpl. Gary l Bolter


Today, as I was doing some web surfing, I decided to once again see if I could find any Marines that I served with in Vietnam.

In the past my searches have been frustrating. The last time I tried was about a year ago.

Today, I took out my DD214 just to remind myself with what command I served with in Vietnam. So I input in the words "First Service Regiment/Force Logistics Command."

To my surprise and delight I ran into a web sight that gave a short history of the Force Logistics Command.

That's where I ran into some of your photos. But John what really blessed me was that as I was looking over the pages of this book of pictures, I found on page 7 and page 13 four marines I served with. As a matter of fact I was on the same rifle platoon and squad as the marines in the pictures. I have the pictures to prove it!

(Editor's Note: He's referring to pages 7 and 13 at this site: http://www.geocities.com/jpflc1970/ )

Often times I thought of the radio operator whose last name is "Calato." The reason I thought about him often is that we were both from the East coast. He's from New Jersey and I was from New York City. Plus, we got in trouble together a couple of times.

The skinny blond haired marine with the tattoo used to walk point often. He toted a shot gun and if I recall correctly sometimes the grenade launcher.

The marine with the dark eye glasses had previously been in Keh shan (spelling is incorrect).

Anyway, the reason I'm writing to you is that in the last photo of the "two corporals" I believe I know Cpl. Poliszczuk. I may have some photos of him but I'm not sure. If I remember he was a quiet man but very friendly. We were not close but friendly toward each other.

These two marines did not give their first names nor a e-mail address. I would love to communicate if possible. I wonder if you have their e-mail address or maybe John you could give them mine.

My name is Emil (Pop) Cedeno. I came to camp Books in December 1969. Served there until about August of 1970 and then I was sent to LZ Baldy for the remainder of my tour in Nam.

My e-mail address is apostleemil@aol.com. I presently live in Moreno Valley California.

Thank You John! Even if you can't help me "Semper Fi."