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Vietnam War Web Resources

There are thousands of web sites with Vietnam War material. We can't cover them all. What we will try to do is report on those web sites that reflect our history: Marines, photography. site.

Remember Google is one of the best starting points on the web. For instance input the phrase "vietnam story" or "vietnam war" (with quotes) and explore thousands of sites.

  U.S. Marines in Vietnam: 1954-1975: A short, but telling, history of the Marine Corp involvement in Vietnam. Well worth the time. So read it! This page is part of the official Marine History and Museums web site.
  FLC in Vietnam: This site is for all battalions who served with, or were attached with FLC, FLSG, or its sub units during the Vietnam War (Site Statement.) Has plently of information and photographs. Looks like a great place to start your search.
  Force Logistics Command: FLC. This is where this photographer worked. The fellows who run this site have been very helpfull in getting information for Another Vietnam Story. They were the ones who gave me the information about Charles Anderson and they provided the information about Nguyen Thi Thanh from his book - Vietnam: The Other War. We're still searching for Mr. Anderson.
  1st Military Police Battalion: This unit was under the command of FLC.
  Photographs from Vietnam: Has hundreds of photographs collected from Vietnam Veterns.
  Vietnam Interactive Portfolio by E. Kenneth Hoffman. This fellow was in the Army and an officier but won't hold it against him. He has many pictures from Vietnam and of it's people.
  USMC Combat Correspondents Assoc This organization is for any individual who has served or is serving as a Marine Correspondent, Still Photographer, Motion Picture or TV Production person, Radio Corespondent or Artist/Illustrator, to include active duty in the field of Marine Corps Public Affairs.
  International Combat Camera Assoc The purpose of the International Combat Camera Association is to provide global support for all combat photographers of all wars, or police actions, of all nationalities; and to assist them in the preservation of their photographic achievements.
  Global Security: Are you trying to find information about a specific unit? Here's your starting point. I've given you the entry point for the Marines but you could find any unit in any branch of the military at the site. I've been able to answer many questions about Marine air squadrons that I have been involved with. Great time saver. Even if the unit has been disbanded you will find information about the unit here.
  USMC Aviation Art by Frank Dubose Colonel Frank DuBose spent 30 years flying many of the aircraft depicted at this site. As a Vietnam veteran, he brings to his drawings the detailed environment in which these machines must survive. He also brings into his work the vital human element of the individual Marine, whether it is the ground crewman or the rifleman.
  USMC-Vietnam Helicopter Assoc: This site has everything. Pictures, stories, historical notes, and an absolutly great reference for anyone doing research on the Marines in Vietnam.
  Sgt. Grit: Here's another page with hundreds of links.
  History Vietnam War: This site has a rating system. It's new so they need your suggestions.
  The Vietnam Memorial Wall: This site will help you in finding a name on the wall. A great resource.
  The Virtual Vietnam Memorial Wall: This is another site dedicated to the Vietnam War and it's Wall.
  eHistory of the Vietnam War: Vietnam War section concentrates on the time period from 1960 to 1975. You will find material on the French involvement as well as the events after the fall of Saigon.
  Vietnam War: A starting point for many, many, many Vietnam and miltary web sites.
  Vietnam War Internet Project: The Vietnam War Internet Project is an educational organization dedicated to providing information and documents about the various Indochina Wars and to the collection and electronic publication on the web of oral histories and memoirs of both those who served in and those who opposed those conflicts.
  National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum: From the beginning, they have been dedicated to collecting, preserving and displaying artwork on the subject of the Vietnam War created exclusively by Vietnam Veterans. It's a real museum located at: 1801 South Indiana Avenue Chicago, IL 60616.
  Books, Videos, and Music about Viet Nam: More books and videos at this site. Can list items by service branch.
  Military Memories: There is photos, links, guestbook, and more.
  Military Advisor: There's more than Vietnam at this site. Check out the Vietnam War links.
  VietnamWar.net: A smaller set of links usually for media other than Web Sites. Mostly for books and videos.
  Vietnam War Records: Need to register. I'm not sure how it works. You'll have to try it yourself and find out.
  The Vietnam War On Film: A list of all the films made about Vietnam. This Marine veteren's choice is Full Metal Jacket.