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Making A Statement or Lets Protest!

I really wasn't interested in war protests. Not because I was in favor of the war - I wasn't - but because they didn't accomplish squat and most protesters didn't know their ass from the hole in their ear.

Most were out to just cause trouble and not much more.

Another factor was an experience I had just prior to going overseas. I was at Camp Pendleton getting training for Vietnam and one Saturday while in Oceanside we spotted a protest march.

Most of the signs read 'Bring Our Boys Home.' Not a bad thought. I went over and was trying to yell my support for getting us home. Maybe not go at all.

While I'm standing at the curb a female protester walks by and spits on me. I looked at the woman and just laugh. There she is carrying a sign saying 'brings us home' and she spits on the fellow she wants home who just happens to be wearing a Marine uniform!