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Hoa Khanh Children's Hospital

see below for current status of the hospital.

note: The folowing history of the hospital is from the brochure pictured at left.

First established by 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment as a clinic for MEDCAP patients in December 1965, the hospital grew to become a 70-bed wood and tin building in 1967. By that time the Children's Hospital, staffed by Vietnamese nurses and aides under the supervision of FLC hospital corpsmen and doctors was filling a definite need by providing sound medical treatment to thousands of children from Chu Lai to the DMZ. Since February 1967, an average of 1,200 children have been treated each month, and about 120 in-patients are hospitalized at all times.

The ever-increasing need for medical care and a growing acceptance of the hospital by the Vietnamese people has inspired the present structure. With the help and supervision of FLC Marines, Navy Seabees and the donations of many contributors, civilian and military, local Vietnamese have constructed a new 120-bed facility. This building is constructed of brick, handmade by refugees of Hoa Khanh Village, completly lined with ceramic tile, and is valued at $300,000.

To insure that free medical care is available to the children in northern I Corps when American forces leave the Republic of Vietnam, the World Relief Commission (WRC), overseas relief arm of the National Association of Evanglicals, is assuming co-sponsorship with the Marine Force Logistic Command. The WRC, working in half a dozen areas of the world to relieve suffering, will eventually replace all military personnel at the hospital with South Vietnamese and Free World doctors, nurses, aides and technicians.

Current Status Report

September 15, 2004: This update comes from Clint Haines of the Amerasian Child Find Network, Inc.

I traveled to Vietnam in August 2004 and the hospital is still in use but is now being used to house people with mental disorders. It also maintains it's orginial name. It appears that the buildings that were around the hospital were destroyed.

Previous Status Report

April 7, 2003: Becky Graninger at World Relief was able to get the latest information on the hospital from a friend in Cambodia, Truc Pham. Truc Pham recently visited the Da Nang area and sent back this report.

Editors note: Our newest report seems to contradict this report. The one item in this report that I was in dought of was the mention of a church next to the hospital. I have no remembrence of any church next to the hospital. Maybe they build one later but not in '69.

Regarding the World Relief Hoa Khanh Children's Hospital in Da Nang. Last month in my trip to Vietnam the Lord led me to meet with just the man I needed to find out about the status of that hospital - the Rev. Le Cao Quy, who was the hospital administrative director at the time it was in operation some 30 years ago.

From Rev. Quy I learned that the hospital was confiscated by the government shortly after the take over of the south in 1975. It was then run for only a few months. Afterward it was turned into a warehouse of some kind (government distribution center?). The last few years it has became a government guest house.

It was very sad to hear that in January of '03 the facility was demolished. According to Rev. Quy, the land which is about 2,000 square meters, is valued around $4 million US dollars! He does not know what the government plans for this property.

Rev. Quy is the pastor of the Tan An church which is adjacent to the former Hoa Khanh Hospital. As a former hospital director it was very difficult for him to watch the deterioration of the hospital and now totally demolished.